My First Brush with Brusho!

In yesterday’s post, I featured a card that I made using a new product from the Occasions Catalog called Brusho.  Brusho is watercolor crystals that basically explode with color when you add water!  They are SO much fun to use!  They will be available to order starting January 3rd, and can be found on page 26 of the Occasions Catalog.  Stampin’ Up! sells them as a set of five different colors:

Brilliant Red

Gamboge (Orange)


Moss Green

Prussian Blue

Each canister measures about 1-3/4 inches tall, but contains a LOT of crystals!  And you only need a very small amount, as you’ll see below.  Also, for the colors that are “blends”, such as the Gamboge and Moss Green, the crystals are mixes of two colors, so when you use them, you get some great variation in the finished color!  So for example, the Gamboge is a mix of red and yellow crystals.  You can either blend a little and keep some flecks of red and yellow OR you can blend them completely to get the orange!

The first thing I did with mine was use my Paper Piercing Tool to punch a hole in the top of each canister.  I didn’t open the canister at all first, just punched a hole right through the label and everything.  I did this to make a shaker out of each canister.

I only punched one hole in each to start, but I found that one is all I need, at least for now!  I also placed a thumb tack in each hole before putting them away.  I don’t have a pic of that, but the tacks make a great plug in case they fall over, or my kids get a hold of them when I’m not looking!  I do NOT want the crystals to end up everywhere!  🙂

As a side note, if you don’t have a Paper Piercing Tool, I highly recommend getting one!  I use mine ALL the time, and probably the only thing I don’t use it for is paper piercing! In addition to punching holes in the Brusho containers, I also use it to apply small embellishments to projects, punch small pieces from die cuts, remove layers and pieces that I want to move after I’ve applied them to projects, and so much more!  It is a VERY versatile tool to have, and should definitely be part of any stamper’s toolbox!

Ok, so let’s get back to Brusho!  For my first attempt at using this product, I wanted to use a mix of the yellow, gamboge, and brilliant red for the flower.  I used the large flower from the new Beautiful Day set, and stamped it and heat embossed it in white embossing powder.  Once that was done and cooled, I applied the Brusho.  Since I had never used it before, I just went ahead and sprinkled the colors all over the flower where I wanted them.  This is what it looked like before I used the Aqua Painter to add the water:

It doesn’t look like much, right?  Here’s what happened when I went over it with the Aqua Painter:

See how vibrant the colors are?  Even just from that tiny amount of crystal powder!  As I mentioned above, you need very little to get bright, brilliant color when using this!  How gorgeous are those colors?

So as much as I liked this flower, I really wanted to try to get one with more yellow in the center.  So I put the first one aside, and tried again.  For my second attempt, I decided to only do ONE color at a time, rather than apply all three at once.  So here’s the before and after with the first color I used, which was the yellow:

Then I added the gamboge around the yellow.  Here’s a pic of what it looked like after I blended the orange with the aqua painter, but before I used it on the red.  The powder that you see on the paper is the red crystals:

I then added the water to the whole flower and got that gorgeous red I was looking for in the outer petals!

Again, see how much color you get from a small amount?  Even though most of the yellow blended in to the gamboge, I decided to go ahead and use this flower on my finished card!  I blended the colors a bit more first, let it dry, and then fussy cut it using Paper Snips.

Here is a pic of the finished card:

In the catalog, it shows a quick picture tutorial of how another way you can use Brusho, by applying the water first, then adding the crystals and blending, which is the opposite of how I used them here.  Check it out on page 26 of the catalog if you have a chance!  Either way, you get bright, beautiful color that will look great on finished cards, tags, and more!

I also plan to use it more as soon as I get the chance!  I have lots of ideas of what I want to do with it, I just need to find time!  My boys go back to school January 2nd and then it will be time for me to play!  🙂

In the meantime, here’s a short video from Stampin’ Up! all about Brusho:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Brusho post!   Brusho will be available starting January 3rd in the online store!  Have a great day!


Here’s a list of suggested tools and products for using Brusho: