Meet the NEW Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads

By now, you may have heard (or even seen) that the Stampin’ Up! ink pad case has been redesigned with the release of the new catalog.  The new case was redesigned with some great new features, and is sure to be a hit with customers!  Let’s take a look at some of these features, as well as a comparison of the old vs. the new case!

A side by side comparison of the old vs. new case

Here are two Flirty Flamingo cases.  The one on the left is the old style case, and the one on the right is the new style.  You will notice that the new case has been streamlined a bit.  It is slightly smaller, and has cleaner, straighter lines.  The label has also been changed to reflect the new packaging style, and is consistent with all other new products in the catalog!

Here’s an end view of each of the two cases shown above.  Again, the new case is smaller and sleeker, with much straighter edges.  The label is now along the bottom edge of the case rather than the top, and the case is completely flat, rather than rounded, as the old style case was.  Which leads to my next point…

Here are five pads of each style, stacked one on top of the other.  You’ll notice that the new pads stack much more neatly and compactly than the old style pads.  The old pads slide around quite a bit and don’t stack neatly, due to the rounded edges of the top and bottom of the case.  Compare this with the new cases, which stack really nicely due to them being flat.   Another great feature that goes along with this is that there are also little bumps built into the bottom of the new cases that fit into indentations on the top of the cases.  So not only do the new cases stack better, they also “nest” inside one another so that they stay put and don’t slide around!  Check out this feature in the two pictures below:



Additional features of the new pads

There are two additional features of the new pads that I think are fantastic!  First, the new pad comes with an extra solid color strip that can be placed on the INSIDE of the ink pad, so that when it is opened and in use, you can easily see what color pad it is!  I can’t tell you how many times I have almost messed up pads because I thought it was a different color!  This extra feature will make it much easier to keep track of which pad is which, especially when you’re working on a project and have multiple pads open at once!  Here’s a peek at this new feature:

Another great new feature is how the pads open.  With the old style pad, you used to have to push the lid forward a bit and then lift it to open.  These new pads just open straight up, almost like a compact.  So no more struggling with pads to open them.  The new pads simply open straight up and back, and then slide right into the lid!  So easy!

If you would like to learn more about the new pads, as well as see them in action, you can watch a short video that was released by Stampin’ Up! below.  There are lots of additional tips and tricks to using the new pads.  I hope you’ll find it helpful and informative!

And of course, the new ink pads also have a full line of new refills as well!  You absolutely can use the old refills for returning colors (except Basic Gray!  You DO NOT want to use the Archival Basic Gray to refill the new pads!)  However, all of the new refills moving forward contain a de-foaming agent, which cuts down on the bubbling that some demonstrators have reported with the older refills.

You can shop the entire line of new pads and ink in the online store.  Please click the image below to shop!

If you have any questions regarding the new pads, please feel free to ask!  Thanks for checking in!






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