An overview of adhesives

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different adhesives for papercrafting? They all function to stick stuff together, right? But not all adhesives are meant to be used the same way! Here’s a reference chart for each adhesive Stampin’ Up! sells, with a quick description of what each one is and tips for using it! Of course, we all have our favorites!  Some of mine are shown below. What are yours?


This is my all time favorite adhesive! I use it for as much as I possibly can. It holds great, is easy to use, doesn’t make a huge mess, and the roller is super convenient to use and transport. And when it runs out, just pop in a refill and continue working! So convenient!


These are my go to for tiny pieces of cardstock, paper, or embellishments that are too small to for Snail Adhesive. Again, not messy, easy to use, and convenient!


This product is brand new to the 2017-2018 Annual Catalog, and I LOVE it! These sheets make adhering die cuts SO easy! Simply add this to the back of a piece of cardstock or paper before you run it through the Big Shot. When you are ready to apply your die cut to your project, just peel off the backing and stick! This product basically works to make any die cut into a sticker, and the best part is that it covers the WHOLE back of it with a super sticky adhesive that holds great!


I am not going to lie, I am NOT a fan of glue! It’s just not my thing, and I try to avoid using it as much as I can, especially since I always make a huge mess with it! However, sometimes glue really is the best thing to use, and I have to go with it! When I DO use glue, this is the one I tend to reach for. It does have a lot of uses, and is definitely good to have on hand for when only glue will do!

Not sure which adhesive is best for your project? Feel free to contact me and we’ll chat!

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