3D Thursday: An Adorable Frankenstein Mini Pizza Box

It’s Twila Davis’ turn to create for 3D Thursday, and she has created a super cute Frankenstein Mini Pizza Box! This box is decorated with punch art shapes to make the design, and the box contains a sweet treat for Halloween! Look how cute this project is! I just love it!

Twila created this box and placed a package of Fun Dip and some Sixlets inside, however, you could fill with any treat of your choice!

I just LOVE this project! So fun for Halloween! You can download a FREE project sheet for this project. Click HERE or click the image below to download and print your own copy of the project sheet!

Do you love our 3D Thursday projects? We are looking for some guest designers to join us on our team page! Please visit our page on Facebook and contact us if you would be interested!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a crazy wind and rain storm last night, my internet went down while I was writing this post, so I can’t publish the links to the above PDF or FB page just yet. (I’m writing this from my phone right now and have no idea how to do links from the phone!). However, once my internet is back up, I will come back and update this post ASAP!

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