Sale-a-Bration Joining FAQ

Looking for all the details about joining Stampin’ Up! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about being a demonstrator!  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me!

Q:  How much does it cost to join Stampin’ Up?

A:  Only $99!  And for that, you get $125 of Stampin’ Up! products of your choice, TWO ADDITIONAL stamp sets of your choice, and business supplies worth at least $65.  I also include a small welcome gift from me, which adds another $25 in value to your kit!  So depending on which stamp sets you choose, that could be as much as $275 worth of products and supplies for only $99!  (And it ships for FREE!)

Q:  What can I choose for my starter kit?

A:  Anything you want!  Want all stamps?  Sure!  Want all tools and accessories?  Sure!  Just choose any $125 of current products and that is what you’ll receive.  (Plus another two stamp sets during Sale-a-Bration!)

Q:  What is my demonstrator discount?

A:  20% off to start.  It increases to 25% once you have $1800 in purchases/sales in a 12 month period.

Q:  How much do I have to buy/sell to stay a demonstrator?

A:  $300 per quarter.  But this is the total BEFORE your demonstrator discount.  So if you join for yourself, that $300 will cost you only $240 with your 20% discount.  And if you reach $1800 in sales in a 12 month period, your discount will increase to 25%, so the total you need to spend will be even less!  You also get an extra quarter to meet your minimum when you first sign up.  So if you sign up during Sale-a-Bration, you will have until June 30th to meet your first minimum!

Q:  What are Stampin’ Up’s quarters?

A:  January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December.

Q:  Do my own orders count toward the $300 minimum?

A:  Yes!

Q:  What are Stampin’ Rewards?

A:  Stampin’ Rewards = FREE STUFF!  Once an order reaches $150, you receive a percentage of your order in free merchandise.  At $150, you get 10%, or $15.00 in free products of your choice.  At $300, you get 12%, and it just goes up from there!  And during Sale-a-Bration, orders of $250 or more receive an ADDITIONAL $25 in rewards, even on demonstrator orders!

Q:  Do demonstrator orders qualify for Stampin’ Rewards?

A:  Yes.  And they are based on the total BEFORE your discount.  So a $150 order qualifies you for $15.00 in free products even though it will only cost you $120!  (Plus tax and shipping.)

Q:  How soon can I place my first order?

A:  As soon as you receive your demonstrator ID and login info from Stampin’ Up!

Q:  Will I ever be pressured to sell anything to anyone else?

A:  No.  Stampin’ Up demonstrators do NOT have to hold workshops, parties, or anything else that requires you to sell to other people.  You can join and keep your discount all for yourself, with NO pressure to do anything else!  As your upline, I promise to never pressure you to do anything more with your demonstratorship than you wish!  But I am always here to help with anything you need!

Q:  Are there any penalties if I decide not to continue as a demo?

A:  No.  You simply drop after the end of the quarter if you do not meet your minimum, with no additional cost, obligation, or need to return anything you have already received/purchased.  You also get a pending month anytime you don’t meet your minimum, so you get a little extra time if you need it!

So let’s do some Sale-a-Bration math to see how much you can save by becoming a demonstrator!  Here’s a sample scenario of what could happen if you join Stampin’ Up! during Sale-a-Bration:

Item(s) Catalog Value Demo Cost
Starter Kit $125 $99
Free Stamp Set 1* $30 $0
Free Stamp Set 2* $25 $0
Business Supplies $65 $0
Welcome Gift from Me $25  $0
First Demo Order (must be placed before 3/31) $250 $200
Stampin’ Rewards $25 $0
EXTRA Sale-a-Bration Rewards** $25 $0
TOTAL (before tax & shipping) $560 $299


*Sample values only.  Could be less or more depending on which sets you choose as part of your kit!

**And if you place a $250 order before March 31st, you also get 5 FREE Sale-a-Bration items as well, which is not mentioned in the chart above.  So you get even MORE than what’s actually shown!

So have I convinced you?  Ready to Sign Up?  To sign up online, click HERE.  Once you are finished, you are officially a demonstrator!  Stampin’ Up! will email your demonstrator ID and login info, and you will be able to start placing your own orders right away.  It’s SO easy, and I would LOVE to welcome you to my team!

Please let me know if you have questions!  Thank you!